Wall Street stocks surge higher, wiping out weekly losses.

Investors are closely monitoring the Federal Reserve as it uses high interest rates to combat inflation.

Wall Street stocks are rising in early trading, but they are still mostly down for the week as investors try to predict whether Federal Reserve will be successful in bringing inflation under control.

In two weeks, the policymakers of the central bank will meet once more, and the markets anticipate them to announce another three-quarters of a percentage point increase in jumbo-sized interest rates.

Investors will be closely watching Fed officials' appearances later on September 7, 2022 to see if they give away any information about the Fed's thinking.

Wall Street stock prices ended largely higher, putting the market on track to snap a three-week losing streak. On Wednesday, the tech-heavy Nasdaq increased even more while the S&P 500 increased 1.8%.

Stocks of small-cap companies outperformed the overall market. Following a busy summer travel season, airlines performed well after United increased its revenue forecast.

Stocks increased during Wednesday's afternoon trading on Wall Street, putting the market on track to end a three-week losing streak.

As of 2:25 PM, the S&P 500 had increased 1.5%. Eastern and is now in the green for the week. The Nasdaq increased 1.7%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 384 points, or 1.2%, to 31,530.

Retailers & technology stocks both saw significant gains. Intuit increased 3.9%. Target's stock increased 4.3% after the company disclosed it would lower the must retirement age for its CEO position.

Energy stocks fell as US crude oil prices dropped by 5.5%. Dropping 0.4% was Valero Energy. The 2 yr Treasury yield, which often corresponds to predictions of Fed action, decreased from 3.51 - 3.45%.

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