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Due to the extremely low price of these stocks, trading penny stocks virtually completely eliminates risk.

What is Penny Stock?

Penny stocks are illiquid, trade at a cheap price, and are usually listed on a smaller exchange.

Penny stocks with prices as low as Rs 10. It has lack of liquidity, small no. of shareholders, wide bid-ask spreads, & restricted disclosure of information, these stocks are regarded very hazardous

Features of Penny Stock

#1 – Low Pricing

In India, penny stocks often trade for less than Rs10. As a result, an investor can buy many stock units for a small investment.

Features of Penny Stock

#2 – Low volume equals less liquidity

Many penny stocks trade at low volume, which means that if an investor wants to sell and exit the investment, there may be no bidders. This indicates that the equities are typically illiquid.

Features of Penny Stock

#3 – Wide bid-ask spread

In penny stocks, the bid-ask spread is quite wide, making it extremely difficult to sell one’s shares at the desired price.

Features of Penny Stock

#4 – High Risk, High Return

When compared to other types of securities, these equities offer much larger returns. Small and micro-cap enterprises issue such shares, which have enormous growth potential.

Features of Penny Stock

#5 – Unpredictable Pricing

During a sale, penny stocks may not attract enough pricing. It could result in a loss-making investment or a poor profit.

Penny Stock

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