Chemical Engineer Fired after Video Captures Drunk

Racist, Homophobic Meltdown While Kicked Off Plane

After bragging about where he worked, a passenger on an American flight went on a homophobic and racist rant.

GSK fired an employee, Identified as Zachary Easterly, the former GSK employee began ranting at flight attendants on a flight from Philadelphia to Dallas.

The chemical engineer who hurled homophobic slurs from an aeroplane was also dropping a slew of other bigoted bombs, including the N-word... which resulted in a fight.

According to the person filming the video, the man was removed for acting inappropriately toward a passenger.

This clip begins with him being escorted off the plane, and he's literally dropping the N-word left and right, in front of Black airline employees, no less.

At one point, two men are seen tussling with Easterly, and they even pin him down on the ground, seemingly in an attempt to make a citizen's arrest... you can hear them talking about police/security.

It's unclear whether Easterly was ever detained or arrested. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, they are investigating whether or not a case has been opened in this matter.

What we do know is that he's unemployed... because GSK fired him shortly after the video went viral. Once a proud chemist, now some internet jerk.

Easterly had suggested that he was a little tipsy during this, but that's clearly no excuse... sounds like he got some things off his chest that he'd been holding in for a long time.

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