3 - 4 minutes readTop list of BuyBack of shares in India 2022

IPO Spy offers a Top list of buyback of shares in India 2022 which are coming in the year 2022. There are many buyback offers coming by the organizations which IPO Spy will help to share the best details in the Buyback list 2022.

Top BuyBack List 2022
Top BuyBack List 2022

Details of BuyBack List in 2022

Issuer CompanyOpen DateClose DateBuyback PriceBuyback Offer AmountNo of Buyback SharesBuyback Record Date
Tanla Platforms BuybackRs. 1200 Per Equity ShareRs 170 Crores0.14 Crores
Suraj Limited BuybackSep 14, 2022Sep 27, 2022Rs. 77 per shareRs 6.93 Crores0.09 CroresAug 20, 2022
ACC Limited BuybackAug 26, 2022Sep 9, 2022Rs. 2300 Per Equity ShareRs 11,259.98 Crores4,89,56,419 Equity Shares
Quick Heal Technologies BuybackRs. 300 Per ShareRs. 150 Crores0.50 Crores
Care Ratings BuybackRs. 515 Per ShareRs. 121.95 Crores
0.24 Crores
Matrimony.com BuybackJul 26, 2022Aug 08, 2022Rs. 1150 per shareRs. 75 Crores0.07 CroresJul 04, 2022
SIS Ltd BuybackRs. 550 per shareRs. 80 Cores14,54,545 Equity SharesJul 15, 2022
Bajaj Auto BuybackJul 04, 2022Jan 03, 2023Rs. 4600 per share2,500 Crores
Route Mobile BuybackRs. 1700 per shareRs. 120 Crores
Birlasoft Limited BuybackRs. 500 per shareRs. 390 Crores
Cigniti Technologies Buyback27 May 202226 Nov 2022Rs. 500 per shareRs 38 Crores1.15 CroresJun 2, 2022
Motilal Oswal Financial Services BuybackJun 24, 2022Jul 07, 2022Rs. 1100 per shareRs 160 Crores0.15 CroresMay 27, 2022
Zydus Lifesciences BuybackJun 23, 2022Jul 06, 2022Rs. 650 per shareRs 750 CroresJun 2, 2022
Sinclairs Hotels BuybackJun 03, 2022Jun 16, 2022Rs. 143 per shareRs 10.01 Crores0.07 CroresMay 13, 2022
SMC Global Securities Buyback20 May 202219 Nav 2022Rs. 115 per shareRs 75.00 Crores
IndiaMART InterMESH BuybackJun 02, 2022Jun 15, 2022Rs. 6250 per shareRs 100 Crores0.02 CroresMay 11, 2022
Sarda Energy & Minerals BuybackRs. 1500 per shareRs 121.67 Crores0.08 CroresMay 6, 2022
Filatex India BuybackMay 09, 2022May 23, 2022Rs. 140 Per ShareRs. 59.50 cr.Apr 8, 2022
Pennar Industries BuybackRs. 50 per shareRs 40 Cr.
FDC Buyback Apr 12, 2022Apr 27, 2022Rs. 475 Per ShareRs. 137.75 Cr2900000Feb 19, 2022
Gulf Oil Lubricants BuybackMar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Rs. 600 Per ShareRs. 85.2 Cr.14,16,667Feb 21, 2022
Mayur Uniquoters BuybackMar 24, 2022Apr 06, 2022Rs. 650 Per Share Rs. 40.63 Cr.6,25,000Feb 23, 2022
TCS Buyback 2022Mar 9, 2022 Mar 23, 2022 Rs 4500 Per Equity ShareRs 18,000 Cr.4,00,00,000Feb 23, 2022
KPR Mill Limited BuybackMar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Rs. 805 Per ShareRs. 179 Cr.2236000Feb 19, 2022

About BuyBack of Shares

The repurchase of a company’s own shares is known as share buyback. Simply put, a buyback is when a firm buys back its own stock from existing shareholders. A corporation can make a repurchase offer via a tender offer, the open market, or odd-lot holders. In most cases, the buyback offer price is higher than the market price.

Shareholders profit from the repurchase offer since it increases shareholder value, increases return on share capital, and fetches a higher price. However, before deciding whether to stay invested or sell the shares in a repurchase, one should research the company’s performance and assess one’s needs and risk appetite.

BuyBack of Shares FAQs

When is BuyBack Recored Date?

The corporation chooses a fixed BuyBack Date. If the investor wants to collect the BuyBack Dividend, Bonus Shares, or other benefits, the shares must be in his Demat Account on Record Date, which is also known as the Share BuyBack Record Date.

What is Share BuyBack Open Date?

The Share BuyBack Open Day is the date on which the issue of Share BuyBack is offered for bidding.

What is Share BuyBack Close Date?

The Share BuyBack Close Date is the date when the issue of Share BuyBack is closed to bids.

What is Share BuyBack Tender Offer?

A Share BuyBack Tender Offer is when a corporation seeks to acquire shares from each shareholder of a publicly traded firm at a specific price and at a specific time.

What is Share BuyBack Price?

The price at which the Company decides to buy back a certain share is known as the Share BuyBack Price.

What is Share BuyBack?

Share BuyBack is when a company buys back shares from its shareholders.

What is Share BuyBack Open Market?

The company’s BuyBack procedure is a long-term process in which the corporation does not accept shares from investors because it purchases its own shares on the open market.

How do I take part in the Buyback?

The company’s BuyBack procedure is a long-term process in which the corporation does not accept shares from investors because it purchases its own shares on the open market.

If the eligible shareholder has the shares in Demat form, they must inform their broker of the information of the Equity shares they wish to tender in the Buyback Offer. The shareholder must deposit the tendered shares in the Special account of the clearing corporation. As a result, the broker would place a stock exchange buyback order. The eligible shareholder who possesses the shares in physical form must produce the original share certificates and supporting papers to the broker. When document verification is complete, the broker places an order on the stock market and submits the original share certificate and TRS to the registrar. The tender form and TRS are optional in the case of Demat shares, but they are mandatory in the case of physical shares.