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Privacy Policy of IPO Spy
Privacy Policy of IPO Spy

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Intellectual Property Rights

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Without explicit written permission from IPO Spy, no user of this website may distribute, edit, transmit or utilize the contents of this website for public or commercial purposes in any way.

Other intellectual property rights may be reserved by IPO Spy or other third parties for the products, technology, or processes discussed on this website. In relation to those intellectual property rights, no license is issued.

Privacy Policy Statement

Personal data refers to any information about a live person that can be used to identify that person. IPO Spy will ensure that its employees follow the law’s security and confidentiality standards when dealing with personal data.

This Statement demonstrates IPO Spy’s commitment to protecting your personal data and explains how it collects, retains, stores, and shares personal data.

Collection of Personal Information

IPO Spy may gather personal data from you from time to time, which will be processed for the precise reason stated at the time, or for any other purpose stated in this Statement. The fulfillment of your specific requests or applications connected to IPO Spy’s services, jobs, etc., the processing of your complaints, inquiries, or comments, or the identification and verification of you as a user are all examples of such reasons. It is entirely optional to provide personal data or any other information. If you do not provide all of the information asked by IPO Spy, however, IPO Spy may be unable to complete your requests properly or at all.

Your visit to this website will be recorded by IPO Spy. The domain name server address portion of your email address, as well as data of the pages visited, will be displayed in the record. By using their domain name server address, IPO Spy simply collects aggregate information about the number and types of visitors. This information is used by IPO Spy to compile general statistics about the use of this website, and it may also be revealed by IPO Spy if the website is used in an unlawful manner.

Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information

Personal data held by IPO Spy will be kept private, but it may be shared with:

  • any personnel, agent, adviser, auditor, contractor, or service provider who provides services or advice to IPO Spy in connection with its operations; or
  • any person to whom IPO Spy is required to make disclosure under any law applicable in or outside India

Because IPO Spy has no control over the actions of third parties, the privacy protections described in this Statement no longer apply to any information supplied to a third party in line with its policy. IPO Spy makes every effort to work with only responsible third parties, but it takes no responsibility for its privacy protection.

Data Retention

The personal information you give to IPO Spy will be kept for no longer than is necessary to carry out the purposes outlined in this Statement or as otherwise stated at the time of collection.


Any communication on this Website is not guaranteed to be secure by IPO Spy. Others may intercept or view any communications or information submitted to this Website. You agree to bear the risk of any message sent to or received from or via this Website being delayed, lost, diverted, altered, corrupted, or not delivered.

Only is covered by this statement. If you click on a hyperlink that takes you away from this website and to another, IPO Spy is not responsible for the privacy and security practices or content of that website, and you should consult the privacy policies of each website you visit.


Acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined above, as they may be updated from time to time, will be implied by your use of this Website. IPO Spy has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and your continued use of this Website following any such changes shall indicate your approval of such changes. Your only and exclusive remedy, if you are dissatisfied with any part of this Website or any or all of the conditions of use, is to stop using it.