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Matrimony.com Buyback Details: The final buyback price of Rs. 1,150 per equity share was agreed by Matrimony.com’s buyback committee on June 22. Up to Rs 75 crore will be purchased back in total. Up to 6.52 lakh shares, or 2.85 percent of the company’s entire share capital, would be repurchased in total as part of the buyback.  The request to repurchase fully paid-up equity shares of the Company (“Equity Shares”), each with a face value of Rs 5 (Rupees Five only), was authorised by the Board for a sum not to exceed Rs 75 crores.

According to the most recent standalone and consolidated audited financial statements of the Company as of March 31, 2022, the maximum buy back size is 24.24 percent and 24.36 percent of the aggregate of the total paid-up equity share capital and free reserves of the company, respectively. The maximum buy back price cannot exceed Rs 1150 per equity share through the “tender offer” route, on a proportionate basis as required by the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

In Q4 FY22 over Q4 FY21, the company recorded a 15.6% increase in consolidated net profit to Rs 11.7 crore on an increase in operations revenue of 9.4% to Rs 110.6 crore.

Matrimony.com Buyback Record Date

The Issue Period of Matrimony.com Buyback Record Date is 4 Jul 2022. This buyback share will open on Jul 26, 2022 and closing date is Aug 08, 2022. Matrimony.com Buyback Issue Type is Tender Offer. The business has also stated that the buyback will be done through a tender process.

Matrimony.com Buyback Price

The Issue Price of Matrimony.com Buyback price is Rs 1150 per share. This buyback share will list on BSE & NSE. matrimony.com face value is Rs 5. Matrimony.com surged 7.95% to Rs 832 after the company’s board fixed 4 July 2022 as the record date for the proposed share buyback. The maximum buyback price is a premium of 49.21% over the stock’s day-ago closing price of Rs. 770.70.

Matrimony.com Buyback Details

Security NameMatrimony.com Limited
Buyback TypeTender Offer
Buyback Record Date4 Jul 2022
Offer Opens OnJul 26, 2022
Offer Closes OnAug 08, 2022
Issue Size (Amount)Rs 75 Crores
Issue Size (Shares)0.07 Crores
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Buyback PriceRs. 1150 per share
Face ValueRs. 5 Per Equity Share

About Matrimony.com Buyback

Matchmaking and marriage-related services are offered by Matrimony.com Limited. Through websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, and more than 120 retail locations, the business provides matchmaking and marriage-related services. With more than 3000 employees serving millions of active users, Matrimony.com is the flagship brand of BharatMatrimony. Through WeddingBazaar, Mandap.com, and Shaadi Saga, the business provides wedding services.

Matrimony.com had a sizable database of profiles as of March 31, 2015, consisting of 2.65 million active profiles (i.e., profiles that had been published or logged in at least once over the previous 180 days). This network effect encourages more users to register or subscribe while also increasing customer engagement. Matrimony.com has 568,000, 571,000, and 647,000 paid subscriptions in fiscal years 2013, 2014, and 2015, respectively, according to the Key Business Metrics Report.

According to a micro-market strategy, the business sets itself apart from other players in India by providing a variety of targeted and personalised goods and services that are made to meet the needs of customers based on their linguistic, religious, caste, and community preferences, as well as specialised matchmaking services like AssistedMatrimony and EliteMatrimony.

Marriage-related services like MatrimonyDirectory.com, which lists matrimonial-related directories, and MatrimonyPhotography.com, which offers wedding photography and videography services, have also been introduced by Matrimony.com. The business has also launched Tambulya.com, an online storefront run by its subsidiary, Tambulya Online Marketplace Private Limited, where customers may purchase gifts in bulk for weddings and other events.

There were 2.57 million free profiles and 647,000 paid subscriptions throughout its network of websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps in FY2015.

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Matrimony.com Buyback FAQs

What is Matrimony.com Buyback Price?

The Matrimony.com Buyback price is set at Rs 1150 Per Share. Matrimony.com Buyback will start on Jul 26, 2022 and end on Aug 08, 2022.

How do I get the Tender Form for Matrimony.com Buyback?

The Letter of Offer includes a Tender Form. It is communicated to eligible shareholders through email on their depositories’/Company’s registered email addresses.

If the email address is not recorded, the Tender form/Letter of Offer is mailed to eligible shareholders on the record date through registered mail, speed mail, or courier.

Alternatively, the Tender Form and Letter of Offer can be found on the Company’s, Registrar to the Buyback’s, Stock Exchanges’, and Manager to the Buyback’s websites.

Where can I get the Letter of Offer for Matrimony.com Buyback?

The Letter of Offer for Matrimony.com Buyback can be download here.

How to participate in for Matrimony.com Buyback?

Through their Stock Broker, any eligible Shareholders of the Company owning either Physical or Demat Shares as of the Record Date can participate in the repurchase offer.

The eligible shareholder must advise their broker of the information of the Equity shares they desire to tender in the Buyback Offer if they hold the shares in Demat form. The shareholder must transfer the tendered shares to the clearing corporation’s Special account. In turn, the broker would place a buyback order on the stock exchange.

Original share certificates and supporting paperwork must be presented to the broker by the qualifying shareholder who owns the shares in physical form. The broker executes an order on the stock market when document verification is completed and submits the original share certificate and TRS to the registrar.

In the case of Demat shares, the tender form and TRS are optional, while in the case of physical shares, they are required.

Why is Matrimony.com Buyback coming up with buyback?

The necessity for Matrimony.com Buyback is not yet declared.

Is Matrimony.com Buyback good or bad?

Website Matrimony.com Shareholders have the chance to sell their positions at a premium price through buyback. If you stayed invested, your percentage of the company’s shares would increase and its earnings per share would climb. To decide whether to stay invested or take advantage of the repurchase offer, one should consider their needs, goals, and level of risk tolerance in addition to the fundamentals of the company.

What is opening date for Matrimony.com Buyback?

The Matrimony.com Buyback opening date is Jul 26, 2022.

What is record date for Matrimony.com Buyback?

The Matrimony.com Buyback record date is 4 Jul 2022.

What is the issue size of Matrimony.com Buyback?

Matrimony.com Buyback issue size is a Rs. 75 Crores.

What is Buyback Price of Matrimony.com Buyback?

Matrimony.com Buyback issue price is a Rs. 1150 per share.