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Dhanuka Agritech Buyback Details: Dhanuka Agritech announced on Tuesday that its board of directors has approved a proposal to buy back up to Rs 85 crore in fully paid up shares of the agro chemicals company through the tend offer route. Dhanuka Agritech said in an exchange filing that it will buy back up to 10,00,000 fully paid up equity shares, or 2.15 percent of the company’s total paid up share capital, at a price of Rs 850 per share.

Dhanuka Agritech Buyback 2022

Dhanuka Agritech Buyback Date

On July 20, 2022, Care Ratings Buyback 2022 was announced. The Care Ratings Buyback Dates are (To be announced). This buyback will cost around Rs. 121.95 billion. And to accomplish this, a buyback tender offer will be made.

Dhanuka Agritech Buyback Price

The Care Ratings Buyback Price is Rs. 515 per share. The Company would perform a buyback using equity totaling 23,68,000 equity shares, which are fully paid up and have a face value of 10 rupees each, at a cost of Rs. 515 per equity.

Dhanuka Agritech 2022 Acceptance Ratio

The investor should buy around (To be announced) shares at a current market price of ₹(To be announced) (as of (To be announced)). The calculation will be Rs.2,00,000 / Rs.(To be announced) buyback price = (To be announced) shares.

Dhanuka Agritech Buyback Details

Security NameDhanuka Agritech Limited
Buyback TypeTender Offer
Record DateNov 18, 2022
Offer Opens On(To be announced)
Offer Closes On(To be announced)
Number of Shares1,000,000.00 Equity Shares
Buyback Offer AmountRs 85 Crores
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Buyback PriceRs. 850 Per Equity Share
Face ValueRs. 2 Per Equity Share
Dhanuka Agritech Buyback Letter of OfferLetter of Offer

About Dhanuka Agritech Limited Buyback

One of the top credit rating companies in India was founded in 1993 and is called CareEdge Ratings (CARE Ratings Ltd). The business is a leading rating agency for many rating categories, including, among others, corporate, financial, structured finance, insurance, manufacturing, infrastructure, and non-financial services.

Additionally, CARE Ratings Ltd provides Risk solutions, Corporate Governance Rating, Grading Services, Customized Research, and Rating Tracker. Two wholly-owned subsidiaries of CareEdge Ratings (CARE Ratings Ltd.) are CARE Advisory, Research & Training Ltd. and CARE Risk Solutions Pvt Ltd.

It is well known that CareEdge is a knowledge-based organisation that offers almost real-time research on all national and international economic trends. On several topics, specialised research and surveys are also conducted. The industry research team continuously monitors and produces sector reports.

CARE Ratings Ltd. is a partner in the multinational credit rating company ARC Ratings on a global scale. Additionally, the organisation has affiliates in Nepal (CareEdge Ratings Nepal) and Mauritius (CareEdge Ratings (Africa) Private Limited (CRAF)). The company has a strategic alliance with Japan Credit Ratings Agency (JCR) and MoU with Russian rating agency ACRA.

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Dhanuka Agritech Buyback FAQs

When is Dhanuka Agritech Buyback 2022 offer coming?

The open and close dates for the Dhanuka Agritech Buyback are not yet available.

Which is the last day to buy Dhanuka Agritech Buyback for buyback?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback last day to buy is no longer available.

Which type of buyback is Dhanuka Agritech Buyback offer?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback is a Tender Offer.

What is the schedule of activities for Dhanuka Agritech Buyback?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback timelines are currently unavailable.

What is the offer price for Dhanuka Agritech Buyback offer?

Dhanuka Agritech’s buyback is being offered at Rs 850 per equity share.

Which date can I sell Dhanuka Agritech Buyback shares to remain eligible for buyback?

To remain eligible for buyback, you could sell Dhanuka Agritech Buyback on November 17, 2022. The record date for the Dhanuka Agritech Buyback is November 18, 2022.

What is the record date for Dhanuka Agritech Buyback offer?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback will begin on November 18, 2022.

What is the issue size of Dhanuka Agritech Buyback?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback issue size is 1,000,000.00 equity shares at ₹850 per share, totaling up to ₹85.00 Crores.

What is the necessity for Dhanuka Agritech Buyback?

The buyback is being carried out for the following reasons:

1. The Buyback will assist the Company in returning surplus cash to its shareholders who hold Equity Shares in proportion to their shareholding, thereby increasing the overall return to shareholders.

2. The buyback may improve return on equity by reducing the equity base, resulting in a long-term increase in shareholder value.

How to participate in Dhanuka Agritech Buyback?

All eligible Shareholders of the Company who own Physical or Demat Shares as of the Record Date may participate in the buyback offer through their Stock Broker.

The eligible shareholder who holds the shares in Demat form must notify their broker of the details of the Equity shares that they wish to tender in the Buyback Offer. The shareholder must transfer the tendered shares to the clearing corporation’s Special account. In turn, the broker would place a buyback order on the stock exchange.

The eligible shareholder must approach their broker with original share certificates and supporting documents if they own the shares in physical form. After the documents have been verified, the broker places an order on the stock exchange and submits the original share certificate and TRS to the registrar. In the case of Demat shares, the tender form and TRS are optional, but in the case of physical shares, they are required.

Is Dhanuka Agritech Buyback good or bad?

The Dhanuka Agritech Buyback provides shareholders with the opportunity to exit their positions at a premium price. If you stay invested, you will have a higher percentage of the company’s shares and higher earnings per share. To decide whether to stay invested or participate in the buyback offer, one should understand the company’s fundamentals as well as one’s needs, goals, and risk tolerance.