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Bajaj Auto Buyback Details: The proposal for the buyback of the company’s shares at a price of Rs. 4600 per share was authorised by the board of directors of Bajaj Auto Limited. Shares will be repurchased from the open market via a stock exchange method. This buyback was agreed by the corporate board during its meeting on Monday, June 27, 2022. Also made clear by the board was that the Bajaj Auto share repurchase will not exceed Rs. 2500 crore.

Bajaj Auto Buyback

Bajaj Auto Buyback Date

The company’s board of directors set the buyback price per equity share at Rs. 4600. The indicative maximum number of equity shares proposed to be bought back would be 54,34,782 equity shares (“Proposed Buyback Shares”), constituting roughly 1.88 percent of the paid-up share capital of the Company as of 27 June 2022, subject to the market price of the equity shares being equal to or less than the maximum buyback price.

Bajaj Auto Buyback Price

Bajaj Auto Buyback Price is Rs. 4600 per share. The board of directors has authorized a maximum Rs.2500 crore share buyback. The actual number of stock shares to be bought back may be greater than the planned buyback shares, but will always be limited by the maximum buyback size if the equity shares are purchased for less than the maximum buyback price.

Bajaj Auto Buyback Details

Security NameBajaj Auto Limited
Buyback TypeOpen Market Through Stock Exchange
Offer Opens OnJul 4, 2022
Offer Closes OnJan 3, 2023
Buyback Offer AmountRs 2,500 Crores
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Buyback PriceRs. 4600 per share
Face ValueRs. 10 Per Equity Share

About Bajaj Auto Buyback

The Jamnalal Bajaj Group, one of India’s most prestigious and respected corporate houses, was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj, a freedom warrior, philanthropist, and close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. In Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, a sugar factory marked the beginning of the voyage eighty years prior. The group has expanded into a number of business sectors with expansion as its ultimate goal.

The Bajaj brand is undoubtedly “The World’s Favourite Indian,” having sold more than 18 million motorcycles in more than 70 nations. It is India’s top exporter of motorcycles, with two out of every three vehicles exported abroad sporting a Bajaj logo. The business is also the biggest three-wheeler producer in the world. The first two- and three-wheeler firm in the world to reach a market capitalization of INR one trillion, Bajaj Auto is still the most valuable two- and three-wheeler company in the world today.

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Bajaj Auto Buyback FAQs

What is Bajaj Auto Buyback price?

The Bajaj Auto Buyback price is set at Rs 4600 Per Share. The Bajaj Auto Buyback opens on Jul 4, 2022 and closes on Jan 3, 2023.

How do I get the Tender Form for Bajaj Auto Buyback?

There is no concept of Tender form in case of an open market offer through the Stock exchange. Any equity shareholder holding the Equity shares of Bajaj Auto Buyback can participate in the buyback offer through their stockbroker.

Where can I get the Public Announcement for Bajaj Auto Buyback?

The Public Announcement for Bajaj Auto Buyback can be download here.

How to participate in for Bajaj Auto Buyback?

Any equity shareholder holding the shares in Demat form can participate in the buyback offer through their stockbroker. The physical shareholder can participate only once the shares get converted into a Dematerialized form.

The shareholder needs to inform their broker on the details of the Equity shares they wish to sell. The broker will place a sell order whenever the company places a buy order for the buyback. The trade would get executed at the offer price or lesser only when the price offered by the shareholder matches with the buy order placed by the company.

Why is Bajaj Auto Buyback coming up with buyback?

The buyback is being undertaken for the following reasons:

The Buyback will help the company to distribute surplus cash to its shareholders holding Equity shares broadly to the proportion of their shareholding, thereby, enhancing the overall return to shareholders.

Is Bajaj Auto Buyback good or bad?

The Bajaj Auto Buyback offers an opportunity for the shareholders to exit their positions at a premium price. In case you stay invested you would have an increased percentage of shareholding in the company and improved earnings per share. Thus, one should understand the company fundamentals along with one’s need, goals, and risk appetite to decide if one wants to stay invested or participate in the buyback offer.

What is opening date for Bajaj Auto Buyback?

The Bajaj Auto Buyback opening date is Jul 4, 2022.

What is record date for Bajaj Auto Buyback?

The Bajaj Auto Buyback record date is 27 Jun 2022/ Open Market.

What is the issue size of Bajaj Auto Buyback?

Bajaj Auto Buyback issue size is a Rs.2,500 Crores.

What is Buyback Price of Bajaj Auto Buyback?

Bajaj Auto Buyback issue price is a Rs. 4600 per share.